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2013 Winter Colloquium

Page history last edited by Danice Toyias 7 years, 6 months ago

Year Three Biographies of a nation

Prosperity, Depression, and the New Deal

February 6-8, 2013 Colloquium (Great Falls, MT)


Biography and Essential Questions

Biography is used as a lens to present the content of this time period.  Throughout the three years of this program, there will be a focus on individuals—both the famous and not so famous.  What were the conflicts and struggles facing those individuals?  What were the choices they made?  What were the unintended consequences of those decisions, and how did those people represent the “collective history” (narrative) of the period?


Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013

8:00-8:20: Continental Breakfast

8:20-8:50: Welcome and Introductions

8:50-10:00: Henry Ford and “The Prosperity Decade” (Bob Rydell) (Rough presentation notes)

10:00-10:10: Break

10:10-11:05: Adapting and Using Primary Sources (Danice Toyias) Handout/Presentation PDF Version

11:05-11:15: Break

11:15-12:30: Immigrants, Nativism, and the Red Scare (Derek Strahn) Handout/Presentation (Rough presentation notes) PDF Version

12:30-1:15: Lunch and Focus Groups

1:15-2:15: The House of Labor (Jim Bruggeman) PDF Version

2:15-2:25: Break

2:25-3:40: Feminists and Flappers (Derek Strahn) Presentation (Rough presentation notes) PDF Version

3:40-4:00: Wrap Up/Questions


Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013

8:00-8:20: Continental Breakfast

8:20-9:30: The Causes of the Great (or Not So Great) Depression (Bob Rydell) (Rough presentation notes)

9:30-9:40: Break

9:40-10:50: The New Negro and the Harlem Renaissance (Derek Strahn) Handout/Presentation PDF Version

10:50-11:00: Break

11:00-11:55: The Fall of the House of Labor (Jim Bruggeman) Presentation PDF Version

11:55-12:40: Lunch and Focus Groups

12:40-1:50: The Dust Bowl, Woody Guthrie, and the FSA (Derek Strahn) Presentation PDF Version

1:50-2:00: Break

2:00-3:00: Dawes Review and Indian Citizenship (Walter Fleming) Presentation

2:00-3:10: Break

3:10-4:00: From the Civil War to Civil Rights (Danice Toyias) Handout/Presentation/Primary Source Documents PDF Version


Friday, Feb. 8, 2013

8:00-8:20: Continental Breakfast and Focus Groups

8:20-9:30: Indian Reorganization Act (Walter) Presentation 

9:30-9:40: Break

9:40-10:50: Eleanor, Franklin, and the New Deal (Robert Rydell) Presentation PDF Version

10:50-11:00: Break

11:00-12:00: Emerging Leadership (Walter Fleming) Presentation

12:00-12:45: Lunch

12:45-1:50: Beyond Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Danice Toyias) Handout/Timelines/Map/Filled in Map

1:50-2:00: Break

2:00-3:00: Rebuilding the House of Labor (Jim Bruggeman) Presentation PDF Version

3:00-3:20: Book Study Discussion

3:20-3:30: Colloquium Feedback

3:30-4:00: A look ahead, paperwork, pay, clean up, and

4:00: Adjourn


Danice: danice.toyias@mchce.net 406-580-3925

Jim: james.bruggeman@mchce.net 406-600-6806

Bob: rwrydell@gmail.com 406-994-7929

Walter: wfleming@montana.edu

George: Bitenbyte@aol.com

Derek: derek.strahn@bsd7.org


Resources and Additional Items (These are not necessarily from this colloquium, but may have been discussed at one time during one of our colloquia events)

Recommended Picture Book Biographies of Women Who Made History from teachinghistory.org

Women's Employment and Changing Roles in WWII, sample Instructional Plan

American Migration Interactive Maps

Cotton and Slavery (This is a PPT presentation from Humbolt County Schools TAH)

The Social Photography of Lewis Hine and The Child Labor Reform Movement (1880-1918) presented by Jim Bruggeman

Reconstruction Image: Bateman's National Image (from Year 2)

The Greatest Good (Documentary History of the U.S. Forest Service)

Unions in Paterson, New Jersey from Beyond the Bubble at Stanford University

Prof. Robert Rydell and World's Fairs and Innovation from C-Span, American History TV

Beyond the Bubble: A New Generation of History Assessments from Stanford University

Biography: Yellowstone National Park Timeline and People by Board Member, Linda Babcock

Beware of the "I-word" (inevitable) by Gary Nash, UCLA

Primary Source Toolbox (Handout)

The Sedition Act of 1798 (Handout)

To Anacreon in Heaven (Handout)

Treaty of Greenville, 1795 (Handout)

The Writer's Almanac for April 13, 2010 by Philip Schultz and about Thomas Jefferson (Handout)











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