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January 2011 Colloquium

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Biographies of the Nation

The New Nation (1780’s-1815): Jan. 25-27, 2011

MSU Foundation/American Computer Museum


Biography and Essential Questions

Biography is used as a lens to present the content of this time period.  Throughout the three years of this program, there will be a focus on individuals—both the famous and not so famous.  What were the conflicts and struggles facing those individuals?  What were the choices they made?  What were the unintended consequences of those decisions, and how did those people represent the “collective history” (narrative) of the period?



Professor Jon Butler, Yale University



Mrs. Christine Sink, Hockinson Middle School (ret.), Vancouver, WA



Professor Walter Fleming, MSU’s Department of Native American Studies



Professor Mary Murphy, MSU’s Department of History and Philosophy



Mr. George Keremedjiev, The American Computer Museum



Dr. James Bruggeman, MCHCE Executive Director and Project Co-Director



Mrs. Danice Toyias, MCHCE Deputy Director and Project Manager



Professor Robert Rydell, MSU’s Department of History and Philosophy and Project Co-Director


Agenda and Handouts

All of Jon Butler's Handouts are linked here and not in the agenda section.

To download ALL available handouts from this colloquium, click here.


Tuesday, January 25, MSU Foundation

8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast

8:30-9:00 Introductions 

9:00-9:30 Indians and the American Revolution (Jim and Danice)

9:30-9:40 Break

9:40-11:00 Religion and the American Revolution (Jon Butler)

11:00-11:40 Federalists and Antifederalists (Danice Toyias)

11:45-12:30 Lunch (Focus Group #1 with Phyllis Ault)

12:30-1:45 Voices of the Revolution (Chris Sink)

1:45-1:55 Break

1:55-2:55 Leaps of Faith (Walter Fleming) PDF Handout

3:00-3:40 Book Study Unwrapping (Jim and Danice)

3:45-4:00 Instructional Plan (Danice)


Wednesday, January 26, MSU Foundation

8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast

8:30-9:35 Women of the Revolution Graphic Organizer and "Keep Within the Compass" PPT or PDF Version (Chris Sink) (EMAIL DANICE FOR THE PACKET)

9:35-9:45 Break

9:45-10:55 The First Amendment: Religion and the government (Jon)

11:00-11:45 IEA Focus: Ways of Making Treaties (Danice Toyias)

11:45-12:30 Lunch (Focus Group #2 with Phyllis Ault)

12:30-1:30 Indians and the American Revolution (Jim and Danice)

1:30-1:45 Break

1:45-2:40 The Great Transformation (Jon Butler)

2:45-3:45 Book Study Discussion: The Next Round (Jim)

3:45-4:00 Wrap Up and Adjourn


Thursday, January 27, American Computer Museum

8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast

8:30-9:45 Inventing America (George Keremedjiev)

9:50-11:00 Museums and the Classroom (George Keremedjiev)

11:00-12:00 Inventions Change History (Chris Sink)

12:00-1:00 Lunch (Focus Group #3 with Phyllis Ault)

1:00-2:00 The pride of womanhood all up in arms: Women of the Republic PDF Version and Bibliography (Mary Murphy)

2:00-2:15 Break 

2:15-3:00 Instructional Plans, Spring Book Study, MSU Course, Feedback, and Wrap Up (Bob and Danice)



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