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October 2010 MEA

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Participant Binders





Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010

8:00 Continental Breakfast

8:30 Welcome and Introductions (Bob, Jim, and Danice, TAH Staff)

9:00 Assessment (Phyllis Ault, EdNW)

10:10 The Coming of the American Revolution: White Men, White Women (Billy Smith, MSU)

11:00 The Constitution and America’s Indians (Walter Fleming, MSU)

12:00 Lunch and Assessment Discussion

12:45 Whose Freedom?  Whose Liberty?: African Americans and Native Americans in the Revolutionary Era (Billy Smith, MSU)

1:30 Break

1:45 Thinking Like a Historian: Articles of Confederation Lesson Activity (Danice Toyias, MCHCE)

3:00 Project Expectations and Paperwork

3:30 Adjourn


Friday, October 22, 2010

8:00 Continental Breakfast

8:30 Book Study Introductions, Expectations and Planning and Book Study Model (Break in between) (Jim Bruggeman, MCHCE and Robert Rydell, MSU)

10:55 The New Nation and Many Nations (Walter Fleming, MSU)

11:45 Lunch

12:30 The U.S. Constitution: Fulfillment or Betrayal of Revolutionary Ideals? (Billy Smith, MSU) Teaching with Biography PPT or Teaching with Biography PDF

1:55 Taking it to the Classroom—Instructional Plan Development (Danice Toyias, MCHCE)  

3:00 Wrap Up and Colloquium Feedback

3:30 Adjourn


Extra: Franklin and Moraley by Billy Smith (MSU)



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